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Guiding the first interface and experience design for an on-demand work platform

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The client

The podcast platforms RecTag Discovery and Studio are both products of the startup RecTag. RecTag’s target groups are podcasters and listeners with a demand to consume and spread audio content. Established in 2019, it has its roots in the same year where the original idea of a voice-based social media network, was entered into Germany’s most popular accelerator Axel Springer & Porsche (APX). RecTag´s product pivoted twice in the past with keeping its core vision to “Make computers understand humans”.

Podcaster and listener

Podcasters use the service to increase their audience and gain insights.
Listeners use the service to discover interesting podcasts and experience a variety of features.

The brief

After the company was founded, Lukas, Florian and Alan the founders, asked me to guide and design their first product – a voice-based social media platform. After a couple of months, I joined the team in June 2019 as full-time Product Designer and Manager. Confidence to concur the social media network market, RecTag pivoted in December to attack the podcast market, after we were asked to join APX accelerator. Started off we introduced a new platform split into Discovery – for listeners and Studio – for podcaster, both needed to be defined and build from scratch. We worked together with the internal tech team – collaborating on RecTag products, working on the design, prototype interfaces, design languages, interaction design patterns, websites and mobile apps.

Matching the demand of students and businesses

For Stint, I prototyped an app that helps students immediately find a job offer with the tap of a button, skipping long applications and shift planning. We established an instruction card when a student is booked to support companies, guide and explain specifics prior to a job start.  

Transforming the job onboarding process  

The result

In the first two months, we launched the platform on the web and later added an app. I worked closely with Tech, Marketing and Product on the platforms (web and app) discovery experience listening to podcasts, the studio for podcasters to connect with their audience and mobile apps.

My work helped to build and design the product from scratch to launch, as well as further development until today (June 2020). Until today I designed three mobile apps, two web platforms, multiple websites and led the branding. As part of the founding team enrolled at APX, I gained experiences in starting a company, business, strategy, product development and management.

Currently, we are building our next platform together.

Product Development

Benchmark analysis

User research & analysis 

Minimum valuable product definition

Stakeholder communication  

Time planning 

Human Experience Design

Creative direction

Lightning demos & patterns 

User Interface design

Product design  

Design library collection

Development Management

Remote team coordination

Responsive interface development

Quality assurance