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Guiding the first interface and experience design for an on-demand work platform


The client

Stint connects university students with anyone who needs them. Initiated as a startup in 2015 the company emerged as a go-to platform in the UK market. It aims at students that believe in making money while their studying to pay their debts as well as companies that need more flexible workforce to increase their efficiency and save costs.

Students and companies

Students use the service because they want to earn money to pay their debts.
Companies use the system because they want to plan their workforce a more efficient and save costs.

The brief

After the company was founded, Sol, Sam and Ben the founders approached me to guide the first interface and experience design, as well as building a brand. I worked on a 5 months collaboration with STINT to lead their product from a development sheet to deliver an application ready for the app stores.

Matching the demand of students and businesses

For Stint, I prototyped an app that helps students immediately find a job offer with the tap of a button, skipping long applications and shift planning. We established an instruction card when a student is booked to support companies, guide and explain specifics prior to a job start.  

Transforming the job onboarding process  

The result

Building a product for an on demand staffing solution presents a unique set of challenges. I developed and maintained a simple internal process to ensure we could comply with Stint vision to revolutionise the way people are employed.

I approach every Stint project holistically, fulfilling needs and finding areas of improvement up to a market-ready standard with interface design, user experience design and branding.

Product Development

Benchmark analysis

User research & analysis 

Minimum valuable product definition

Stakeholder communication  

Time planning 

Human Experience Design

Creative direction

Lightning demos & patterns 

User Interface design

Product design  

Design library collection

Development Management

Remote team coordination

Responsive interface development

Quality assurance